bedding and towels please

My writing is not good these days. My head knows what it wants to say but my fingers are on their own journey. Probably because 99% of what I do is active help and support. I just want to say to people who live nearby or who I visit, please do not throw away clean bedding and towels. If you drop in I will explain why. Soon I will be creating bundles. Every clean item helps someone else. Storage is a problem at the moment but I am working on it. Had a few personal problems to do with noise, swearing and my personal stuff being thrown everywhere by separate incidents – haven’t had time to deal with it but will be. People are people – you just have to let them get it out their system then hopefully they move on to the next issue. Guests been so lovely. All of them. Blessed. Missing my kids. Want to thank Danielle for being a rock. We all have our little ups and downs but my true friends know me and how I work and I love them for it. The people I want in my life are in it already. It’s enough for me. Made good friends on this street with many hard working, humble people who just get on with it. Feeling blessed. Perhaps a different story ahead with another project – be ready for change. We shall see. Less is More. Hello and Goodbye for now. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be focused on your own potential. We all have our troubles so get over it. Tiff. X

Looking for clean/freshly washed:

Duvets (double)

Fitted Sheets and pillow cases (double)

Mattress and pillow protectors


Kitchen utensils.

If you could hang on to them until I bring more news, would be welcome. Drop in any time for more info.

my kids were skaters and stuff

These are hard times and we don’t know what the future holds – but we never have anyway. The good news for me last week is Panda and Vicky had their second baby ‘a boy’ and we are so thrilled for them. My youngest son is a god father to their first. I was so emotional when I found out.

My youngest son during his time in Blackpool pushed his boundaries and structured so many great little designs in Blackpool, working closely with Blackpool Council and the planning department, as we had plans drawn up specifically for the project. Now he returns to Leeds and has the confidence to build furniture for landlords so that tenants have comfy rooms in accordance with health and safety. He has his wings.

When my kids were very young they used to build skate ramps and loads of other stuff out of old bits of wood. They became semi pro sk8’rs and I was so proud. I would drive them all over The Midlands to enter comps. It wasn’t winning or anything like that. I was taking part, the music, the sound of wheels hitting the ply wood. I loved it and it became a huge part of my social life. Eventually they got sponsored and didn’t have to pay for their clothes etc. (This saved me money … lol).

I have been working hard. You can never totally switch off. There’s always problems but we have to remind ourselves each of us is only responsible for our own journeys and to be thankful for what we have going on. Education is so important, to keep learning and progressing as individuals and there is education everywhere. We just have to think about ideas and progress with people around us who are like-minded. Bitterness and jealousy are worthless emotions. I had to add a photo of this woman. She is one hell of a determined person and has made me laugh so much today. Josie is Dutch. She is from The Netherlands. Has a muslim son who lives in Brazil, he owns a hotel too.

Mum (Tiff) X

get up get dressed – be thankful – smile

Coming out of a complete lock down – time where we have our own self to contemplate … and then returning to work is not easy, especially when you run your own business. To be positive on social media, take care of guests and sort out all the financials is like juggling raw eggs. The best bit for me is actually spending time getting to know my guests. Each has their own story and I try to listen. We make new friends or we learn new lessons. We see who is there to support us most.

We have other issues such as rivalry or simple ‘resentment’ that is more abrasive for empaths to deal with. But I tell myself what would I be without a cause, a reason to continue. It’s not about popularity or success in terms of being bigger and better, it is about feeling wholesome as an individual. And that matters.

Throughout this lock down I have still found work for others, I have paid my rent on time and made the most of what I have. It is not easy for any of us – but we are lucky to be alive. I see those doing so much more, especially volunteers and I feel humble and so thankful.

Tiff. X

July = focused + heart = bliss

It was lovely to have some time with my family last week. Also to catch up with my heart. To have some space. Nice to get home to my friends too. Somethings are best kept personal. A wasps nest is in my shed. It’s fascinating what nature can do. The grey piece of art work below is another masterpiece by Mother Nature. Many of you would want to remove the wasps but the trouble is with a lot of town and city folk they believe that hampering with nature is progressive. It’s not. Let them come to you. If you try to tame any animal they struggle to adapt to the wild. That’s why I don’t call Percy down or expect him to perform like a monkey in a circus in a mainstream pivot of fake news that costs money and time. He comes here when he wants and small moments I share when he allows. Nature isn’t a show piece. As ‘that’ we are probably starting to ‘increasingly’ realise, with recent events. Let’s enjoy being ‘personal’ it’s right. Less is More. Saves money too. Watch out for the quiet ones, they’re making music.

Tiff. X