bedding and towels please

My writing is not good these days. My head knows what it wants to say but my fingers are on their own journey. Probably because 99% of what I do is active help and support. I just want to say to people who live nearby or who I visit, please do not throw away clean bedding and towels. If you drop in I will explain why. Soon I will be creating bundles. Every clean item helps someone else. Storage is a problem at the moment but I am working on it. Had a few personal problems to do with noise, swearing and my personal stuff being thrown everywhere by separate incidents – haven’t had time to deal with it but will be. People are people – you just have to let them get it out their system then hopefully they move on to the next issue. Guests been so lovely. All of them. Blessed. Missing my kids. Want to thank Danielle for being a rock. We all have our little ups and downs but my true friends know me and how I work and I love them for it. The people I want in my life are in it already. It’s enough for me. Made good friends on this street with many hard working, humble people who just get on with it. Feeling blessed. Perhaps a different story ahead with another project – be ready for change. We shall see. Less is More. Hello and Goodbye for now. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be focused on your own potential. We all have our troubles so get over it. Tiff. X

Looking for clean/freshly washed:

Duvets (double)

Fitted Sheets and pillow cases (double)

Mattress and pillow protectors


Kitchen utensils.

If you could hang on to them until I bring more news, would be welcome. Drop in any time for more info.